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New Reception Furniture

New Reception Furniture

Has Been Office Furniture offers an excellent range of affordable reception units, reception couches, coffee tables and reception desks. Reception furniture should convey a professional impression to both clients and staff members. Reception desks provide privacy and comfort to your reception personnel.

Ensure to measure up your available space and come visit our showrooms for advice on what size and layout options are available to you for your reception furniture. We may have some second hand office furniture you might be interested in.

An effective way to maximise your office furniture budget, while attaining a polished look, is to buy a new reception desk and use second hand office furniture in the rest of the company, where clients and visitors do not venture. Many successful companies start with this strategy and are still practicing the same methods today.

A welcoming reception area is a valuable asset to any company, especially those who have a higher volume of clients visiting the premises. Hence, it is usually wise to spend a little more on this area of the company, as it gives clients their first impression of the offices.

We offer a professional delivery service, with a team fully trained in installing all types of reception furniture. Should you require an in/out board we can install this too.